Halloween Costumes Dotted Dale Hallways Making it a Spookier Day 

Leading up to Halloween it looked as though not many would celebrate the holiday in school, but that was not the case. On the day of Halloween many people showed up in school in costumes

A unicorn, a prisoner from Orange is the New Black, and the Joker were spotted, to name a few. 

Although It was clear that more freshmen and sophomores took advantage of the occasion than juniors and seniors, many underclassmen also decided not to dress up. 

“I say leave the costumes at home and save it for trick or treating,” said sophomore Deja Lee. “I think people just want an excuse to wear hoods and hats in school.” 

Others, like sophomore Nasir Sessoms, is thrilled to find out who is wearing what at school. 

In this reporter’s opinion, dressing up in costume is a fun and relatively safe activity to do in school.   It helps the time go a little faster, especially because dressing up can be fun. 

Isn’t that what Halloween is about, getting the community together to have a great time dressing up.  I predict that dressing up for Halloween in school will most likely continue. It makes people laugh and enjoy being at school.