Homecoming 2019 a Spirited Success

It took three months, starting in August, for Thomas Dale’s SCA to plan Dale’s 2019 homecoming and spirit week.

With the help of student body votes and ideas, the SCA came up with the following spirit days for the week of October 7-11:Military Monday, Tropical Tuesday, Wayback Wednesday, Generations Thursday, and Class Colors Friday.

Thomas Dale won the homecoming game at home against Meadowbrook 75-12.

Two seniors, Jasiah Williams (jersey number 5) and homecoming king Chris Tyree (jersey number 4), scored the highest amount of touchdowns, three each.

“We [had] a very good start,” said Thomas Dale’s varsity coach Kevin Tucker. The half time score was Thomas Dale 42 and Meadowbrook 0.

According to Coach Tucker, game highlights included leading defense senior Judah Jones with 8 tackles, junior Bryce Carter with 6 tackles and 1 sack, and junior Shamus Jones with 8 tackles and 1 sack.

Devin Herring, a junior defensive player, made his first varsity career plays, with 2 solo tackles and 3 passbreakups.
The offensive team was able to score 8 touchdowns and hold Meadowbrook to 12 points,“which I was very proud of,” said Coach Tucker.

Phillip Allen, a senior cornerback, stated, “We played as a team and everyone did their job,” and wide receiver Shamus Jones said, “It was a fun game to be a part of, everyone played hard.”

At half time, the homecoming court was recognized on the field and the senior king and queen were announced. Freshman homecoming princess was Briyona Ward, prince was Rahiem Johnson. Sophomore homecoming princess was Caliyah Gill, prince was Jonathan Aye. Junior homecoming princess was Yasmeen Ramadan, prince was Greg Mitchell. Senior homecoming queen was Kennedi Miller, king was Chris Tyree.

The SCA, held Thomas Dale’s annual homecoming dance on Saturday, Oct. 12.

The theme was “A Night in Paris.” Students purchased 1,300 tickets for the dance.

SCA faculty adviser and Social Studies teacher James Thompson gave a shout out to Dale students Victoria Pakurar, Kalelyn Curcio, and Richard Sith who helped clean up after the dance.

He said many students and faculty helped the dance, the decorations, and the pep rally go well.

“Good job,” Thompson said.