Q & A with Chad, TDHS Celebrity Turtle

Q: When did you first arrive at TDHS?

A: I came to this fine home in October. The day before Genius Hour I was transported here via car and set up in the library.

Q: How old are you?

A: Although I know I look like George Clooney as a turtle, I am in fact only thirty years old. 

Q: Where were you before TDHS adopted you?

A: Before these beautiful librarians took me in, I lived with a family in Fayetteville, NC. They had to move to Hawaii and couldn’t take me. So I found out that a teacher was looking for a turtle and I moved here! 

Q: Do you qualify as a student, or a staff member?

A: Seeing as I am thirty years old, I am a staff member. I just took my staff picture for TDHS. I’m working on setting up a seminar about Turtle Tendencies.

Q: Word on the street is you keep trying to escape, why?

A: That is just a rumor! I am not trying to escape! I merely want to see the rest of this fantastic school. I can’t contain my excitement! I’ve never seen so many people!

Q: How often do you eat?

A: I’m fed once a day, but I’m going into hibernation in the coming month, so I won’t be very active.

Q: What is your favorite book in our library?

A: I currently recommend you read Turtles All The Way Down by John Green. 

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