¨I say leaving a legacy…¨

When asked, what drives you in life, Peyton Day  replied, ¨I say leaving a legacy…showing people who look like me and have been through the same struggles as me, [they] can do it as well.¨

Born in Fairfax, Virginia, and raised in Chester,  Peyton lives by the words ¨Be different and be yourself.¨

Peyton Day and Mom, Ronique Day (Photo by: Ronique Day)

¨I’m not a follower,” he said. “I want to stand up for what I believe in and not what anyone else tells me to.”

Peyton’s journey to open his eyes to the world wasn’t always milk and honey. Dealing with the struggle of depression, Peyton didn’t let it define him.

For those struggling with depression, he said¨It’s all temporary and, even though it seems like it’ll never get better, it’s a valley, and it has its peaks … don’t be scared to talk it out.¨

In five years Peyton wishes to see himself as a Biomedical Engineer or an Allergist Doctor.

¨I feel like that’s the best way to leave an impact on the world that’s positive,” he said. “And because there’s not a lot of African American doctors, and I feel if I can do it, anyone can.

Peyton would tell his past self, ¨stop looking backwards so much. The windshield mirror is larger than the rear view mirror for a reason.¨

Everyone has a story, but what sets Peyton apart from the rest is motivation.

“I’m motivated to set myself apart from the rest because that’s what makes the world great … a collection of different people striving to make the world a better place,” he said.

As inspiring as Peyton is, he also is inspired by someone.

¨My mother inspires me because I feel she beats all the odds and that inspires me to beat all the odds too,” Peyton  said.

¨Live by faith and not by sight,” he said. “You might not see it but if you believe in it you can achieve it.”