What Dale football is doing in the midst of COVID-19

December 11, 2020

Dale football won’t be the same in the time of COVID.  

For starters, fans will have fewer games to cheer for in the now winter season and according to Coach Kevin Tucker, the VHSL has reduced the number of games this season by 60 percent.

“That means only six regular season games, and then you have a possibility of going to the playoffs,”  he said. “If you don’t make the playoffs, then you get to go to a bowl game. So every team is guaranteed seven games.”

In addition to fewer games played in January and February, players will be practicing without the kind of physical contact that defines football. Maintaining social distance between their players is what coaches will be forced to do. 

“In a normal football practice,” he said, “where we’re tackling, form tackling, blocking, there are long periods of person-to-person contact.”

“This year, you’ll see us go more into using bags, using shields, tackle wheels, things that don’t require human to human contact, and these are also items that we can wipe down easily,” he said.  “That’s one big change you will see.”

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