“Don’t Rush Things In Life.”


Justin Tate Photographer: Janya Tate

Montasia Smith, Features Editor

“I was in gym class playing basketball with my friends. We finished playing, and they began celebrating. I was confused until I got the news. School would be closing until further notice. My heart dropped,”  said Justin Tate, 2020 Dale graduate, on hearing the news of school closure due to Covid.  

Born in Henrico VA, and raised in Chester VA, Justin knew he wanted to do big things.  

“Be phenomenal or be forgotten. I don’t want to be known as a ‘should’ve-been-could’ve’ guy,” Justin said.  “I want to be remembered as a”guy-that-did-that” kind of guy.” 

In five years Justin wants to be playing pro football and, if not that, have his athletic training business in place. When asked why he loves to play football Justin said,” It’s something about hitting someone and not getting in trouble and having that adrenaline pumping.”

Headstrong and capable, Justin also pushes for someone else. “My family motivates me in life, they are the reason why I do the things that I do.”

Not knowing what the future holds, Justin’s senior year of high school was about to take a turn. “Don’t rush things in life, I rushed wanting to get out of school and graduate but now I regret it,” said Justin.

With schools closed and quarantine being forced all around the world, Justin was forced to cut his senior year short.

During quarantine Justin had to deal with many mixed emotions, losses and a series of questions. Not only was his graduation not traditional, but the college process wasn’t either.

“ I couldn’t go to the college of my choice. My parents felt it would be a waste of time and money to attend West Virginia University just for it to be online due to covid. That really sucked for me,” Justin said.

“I had to deal with depression, boredom and the concern of what was going to happen,” he added.

Covid has affected many seniors across the world including Justin Tate. As schools open back up and plan new ways to give students the utmost experience and interactiveness on virtual schooling, the question is still in the air, what will senior year look like for those in the next years?