Working as a High School Student in a Pandemic Environment

March 2, 2021

A survey was done with nineteen seniors and eleven juniors and most students are concerned about catching the virus, but not at a high risk. 

Personally, I don’t believe that I am at high risk, but I do believe I am at risk nonetheless, as is everyone else,” said Senior Ashley Sokol. 

Plenty of the students’ workplaces  provide multiple safety precautions such as wearing masks, washing hands, and social distancing.  

There’s more time for students to work on their assignments and to get it done right away since we are all virtual as of right now.  I am also working part time as a host and busser at Outback Steakhouse in Colonial Heights. 

Being virtual provides me a lot of asynchronous time to get work done. I do struggle with procrastination because I come home late at night. That’s when the long nights of staying up till four in the morning comes in place. I do my absolute best to get it done. 

As for students who are returning to school, they would have to cut their hours so they would have more time to focus on assignments and other school activities. 

Since numerous workplaces interact with the safety precautions, it has been taken very seriously. Students have learned an extravagant amount of lessons while working during this pandemic. Such as work ethic, providing satisfaction to customers, and even aspire to be their true selves. 


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