Three Thrillers You Shouldn’t Miss

Jaskaran Singh, Staff Reporter

Thrillers are always fun to watch. They are designed to make the audience feel a mixture of emotions spanning from suspense, anticipation, excitement, and shock which is what makes them so interesting and intense. They’re also my favorite movie genre. Here are my top three favorite thrillers.

#1 Parasite

A definite candidate for the best film of the 2010s, this Korean movie tells the story of a family that are stuck in poverty, the Kims, who find themselves working for the Parks, a wealthy family, but the Parks have a deep, disturbing secret that’s revealed in the movie. It’s a very complex yet interesting film with a lot of shocking moments that’s worth watching if you can watch it with English subtitles. 

#2 Dunkirk



Dunkirk is easily the most intense movie I’ve ever watched. I never got the pleasure to watch this in IMAX theaters, however, even with headphones or speakers this movie will still make you glued to the screen. Based on the real Dunkirk evacuation, this movie follows three storylines and perspectives of the evacuation. These three storylines follow a soldier on the ground waiting for the evacuation, a fighter pilot fending off enemy planes, and a group of civilians who sail to the shores to transport the soldiers back home. All three of these storylines come together as the movie progresses further. The best part of the movie is that there is no breather part anywhere in the movie, it is just straight, non stop action all the way through starting from the very first scene. A good recommendation if you’re into war movies.


# 3 Get out


One of my favorite thriller/horror movies, this movie follows Chris and his girlfriend, Rose, who visit her parents upstate for the weekend. While it all seems normal in the house, as the weekend progresses disturbing things start to happen and leads him into a shocking truth. This movie has probably the most shocking and horrific plot twist in all of horror movies and completely caught me speechless. The movie also has some comedic moments which usually don’t work in horror movies, however, works well in this and made me laugh a few times. I recommend this movie mainly due to how shocking it is.