Coolest Cars in the Dale Parking Lot!


 We have a lot of interesting and unique cars in the student parking lot at our school.  We found three that really got our attention and wrote this story to hopefully grab yours.

Savannah Carr is a 12th grader here at Thomas Dale.  She drives a white mustang. We decided to ask her a few questions about her car.

Savannah Carr (Owner) (Lindsey Morris)

¨How long have you had your car?¨

Since November of last year

How did you get your car?

I wanted something simple, like a civic. I didn’t even ask my parents because I thought they would say no. Then one day my mom brought it home to me.

Why did you choose this car?

It’s cute and fast.

How do you feel about the car now?

I love it. That’s my baby.


Brogan Gallagher is a student in 11th grade at Thomas Dale. Brogan has a personalized license plate that we asked a few questions about. 

Brogan Gallagher (Owner) (Brogan Gallagher)

Why did you get this license plate?

“I have a speech impediment and I get made fun of for it, so I made it my license plate.”

What do people say about it?

“They think it’s funny.” 

What made you wanna get it ?

“I was joking about it but then my parents got it for me.”


The next person has a nice car, stickers, and tire cover, so we just had to add her. Let’s give it up for Alexandra Goodell in 12th grade, and her Rav4.

Alexandra Goodell (Owner) (Lindsey Morris)

How long have you had the car/ tire cover? 

“About two years.”

Why did you get your car?

“I got my car technically for my birthday. I had a truck but the transmission died. It is a grandma car, and she’s 21 years old and still dainty looking.”

How did you get your car?

“My dad found it and was like “hey let’s go take a look at it” and I thought it looked good, and I enjoy driving it.”

How do you feel about your car?

I love it. I feel like my car has a personality and that it’s unique.

What’s the meaning of the car/covering tire?

“The meaning of the car tire cover goes along with the theme and name, which is Daisy.” (she also has a phone case with matching daisies) .