Back to School Fashion!

These are the back in person fashionable outfits in Thomas Dale.

Fashion is important. The way you dress can direct how you are perceived. Many characteristics of clothing and/or accessories can determine how people see you. Here at Thomas Dale, fashion is very important. Here are some of the students and their interviews:

Zeke (Julien Skelton)

First student interviewed: Zeke

Style type: Street Wear

What inspires you? “I like street fashion and I express myself through runway fashion, street fashion, and a lot of my inspiration comes from Japanese fashion and style street wear.”

Zeke loves to skate. I should know, I skate with him! His fashion is always flashy or stylish, and I think he is well dressed for all occasions.

Angie (Julien Skelton)

Second student interviewed: Angie  

Style type: Alternative Indie

What does fashion mean to you? “It represents my emotion, and how I feel, and the way I carry myself.” What inspires you? “My mood inspires me. Growing up, and even now I listen to a lot of alternative rock music and indie fashion. That is what inspires me.”

Andie is a shy, but outgoing person at heart. She loves books and is in a band! She is a great friend and wonderful at being stylish!