Movie Review – Better Days

Movie Review - Better Days

Kate Cerritos

Better Days movie review 

Kate Cerritos


Trigger warning 


“Better Days” falls in multiple genres: romance, drama, and coming of age. 

96% rotten tomatoes with an audience rating of 4.9/5.

Here are some of the many awards this film won:

Hong Kong Film Award for Best Film 2020

Hong Kong Film Award for Best Cinematography 2020

Asian Film Award for Best Actress 2020


The film takes place in Chongqing, China and follows the life of a Chinese high school student, named Chen Nian. At the beginning of the movie we see a girl who was bullied and pushed to the edge. She was pushed so far by 3 bullies and when they were done with her they moved on. Chen Nian is now the new target of the bullies and continually gets harassed after school. Her sad life is dramatically changed one day as she’s walking home. On the way home she witnesses a boy named, Xiao Bei being assaulted and beaten. She attempts to help him by calling the police, but is caught by the gang, and becomes face to face with Xiao Bei and the assaulters. In new found strength Xiao Bei jabs one of the aggressors and they both escape. After this encounter, Chen Nian is still getting bullied at school by the 3 mean girls and she continues to focus on her school work. In an attempt to protect herself she makes a deal with Xiao Bei to be her bodyguard. The film starts focusing on Xiao Bei’s life as a criminal and his loyalty to Chen Nian. Then there is a dreadful crime uncovered surrounding them. When police get involved we are exposed to the Chinese court procedures and how they handle punishment. There are so many twists in this movie that couldn’t have been predicted. If you decide to watch this movie you should be aware it contains: suicide, bullying, and assault. Don’t be intimidated because it’s in a different language. Don’t limit yourself to only watching american films, expand your movie taste.


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