Movie Review – Casper


Marisol Villalobos

Short Summary Of Casper:


       Carrigan Crittenden discovers that the haunted mansion she inherited may have treasure and calls many people to rid of the ghosts but all fail. She later on calls the ghost specialist/therapist Dr James Harvey to exercise the ghosts. He moves in and brings his daughter Kat. They discover that there is a friendly ghost named Casper. Casper’s uncles aren’t as friendly and despise humans. They plot to scare them away and torment them. Kat becomes popular at school after others realize that she lives in the mansion and ask if she can host a party there which she says yes to. Back at the house Kat tries to awaken Casper’s memories and restores his old playroom. His memory is restored and remembers that he died of pneumonia and that his father made a machine that was said to bring someone back from the dead. Carrigan and her friend Dibbs think that the machine can give them immortality and try to kill each other to test it out. After a bit of chaos Kat and Casper convince Carrigan that she is ready to move on. During this time Dr Harvey falls into a manhole and dies. Casper makes a sacrifice and lets the Dr come back alive. Amelia the Dr’s late wife grants Casper his body till the clock strikes 10 and he dances with Kat for the last time. 

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