Student Spotlight

Yousef Ahmed

Carson Nealy

Carson is a junior at Thomas Dale. She is in the theatre specialty program. Out of school she likes to listen to music, Carson likes to listen to The Weeknd, kpop, and Ariana Grande.





Hayden Faughn

 Hayden is a junior at Thomas Dale. He’s on the varsity volleyball team for Dale. Hayden likes playing sports and going to the gym in his free time. He also likes listening to music. His favorite artists are J.cole and Playboi Carti. He plans on going to trade school after high school.




Mariam Ahmed

Mariam is a sophomore at Thomas Dale. Mariam enjoys listening to music whenever she can, she also likes playing basketball in her free time. One thing Mariam want’s people to know is that she enjoys writing. When Mariam grows up she wants to be a therapist.