Urban Legends

Urban Legends

Marisol Villalobos

The slit mouth woman, or Kuchisake Onna, is a Japanese urban legend. There are different versions of the way the story goes. Some say she cheated on her samurai husband and he slit her mouth from ear to ear as punishment. Others say that she got her slit during a medical procedure and a woman that was jealous of her beauty cut her mouth. She will come out at night, and her victims are usually children. She will then ask if she is pretty. If the person replies with no, then she will slash their face to match hers. If they say yes, then she will reveal the slit across her face. If the person screams or says no, then she will slit her mouth. If they say yes, then she will slit their mouth and follow them home then kill them brutally. If the person says so-so or you’re okay, then it will leave you enough time to run away but once you’re asleep she will kill you. 

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Blacked eyed children is an urban legend that is about paranormal beings that take the shape of children the ages of 6 – 16. The legend originated in 1996 when a Texas reporter, Brian Bethel, wrote about his encounter with the black eyed children. It is said that they will approach you in the night and knock on your car or house door. They will then ask you questions, like if you could spare some cash or if you could give them a ride somewhere. They will try to convince you to let them in and continue asking to be let in. They have been said to give the victim or victims a sense of dread and have eyes as black as a starless night sky. Once you let them in there will be grave consequences. One story of this is when an elderly couple had let the children in and when the children asked to go to the restroom the husband started to have a nose bleed. Then the lights turned off and two slender figures appeared at their door, then the kids left with them. After that three of their four cats went missing and the last one was found dead in it’s own blood. Soon after the husband was diagnosed with aggressive skin cancer. 

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This Urban legend comes from the Byrd theater in Richmond, Virginia. It is said that the theater  holds ghosts. Such as the first manager, Robert Coulter, and a little girl in the women’s restroom. Employers have said that they have seen Coulter in the windows and mirrors; some say he is trying to help them with the theater. The little girl there has had so many sightings that a paranormal investigation group was sent to check it out. They caught a little girl’s voice on EVP and could hear her speaking on the tape later on. There continues to be sightings of these two ghosts in the Byrd Theater.

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