Student Spotlight – Ethan Snyder

Student Spotlight - Ethan Snyder

Julien Skelton and Lindsey Morris

Do you like beans? Lima beans,Kidney Beans,Baked beans. There is one kid who likes them all! Ethan Snyder is the young man who loves beans. Me, Julien Skelton, and Lindsey Morris asked questions to understand some things about Ethan and his beans. 


What type of beans are your favorite?

“My favorite type of beans are refried kidney beans and black beans.”

What was the first style of beans you had? 

 “My first type of beans was kidney.” 

Who introduced you to beans? 

“My mom and sister. My mom decided that beans were a cheap alternative for everything else and she would prepare chicken with beans.”

What is something you would like the school and students to know about you?

 “I play six instruments and I’m a musical person in a musical family, and I love literature and I like reading poetry sometimes, and I don’t wanna seem like a wimp and planning to be proactive to get into all the states for French horn I plan to.”