Spirit Week and Homecoming!

Morgan Traylor and Lauren Robertson

    The Homecoming Dance was originally supposed to be on October 9th, but it was postponed. The new homecoming dance will be November 6th. Tickets for homecoming are 10 dollars per person. There are two waves; the first wave is 5:30-7:30pm. The second wave is 8:00-10:00pm.

The dance will be in three parts of the school Red pod in the Aux Gym,Yellow pod is in the first half of the commons, and Blue pod will be in the second half of the commons.Students are required to wear masks and remain three feet apart. 

    Here is an interview with a student at Thomas Dale, Cameron Taylor.  Are you excited for homecoming? “Yes. I’m very excited.” What did you think when Homecoming was first postponed? “I thought it was a good decision for everyone’s safety.” What do you think of the rules for this Homecoming dance?  “I don’t like them. I think they should let everyone in the gym and let us be kids.”

Spirit Week was a success to me. Every theme that each grade level had to display, they did it great! Spirit Week gives us students something to look forward to and also enjoy. The days of the week were Character Day, Tropical Tuesday, Decades Day, Generations, and Pink Out. Decades Day was my favorite because everyone most definitely showed out for that one. Everybody had on their throwback clothing, including sagging jeans, jerseys, and fitted hats. Another one a lot of students enjoyed was the Generations Day, each grade level had to dress up as the generation they were assigned. The seniors were the most entertaining because they were senior-citizens, and they were acting like old people and falling out during class rotation. I feel like this year’s spirit week was the most memorable because a lot of students participated and enjoyed it!