Haunted Attractions Review

Justin Barrera

RED VEIN Haunted House

The Red Vein haunted house is a really fun indoor, and outdoor attraction where you can get really good spooks and scares. The attraction has many elements you can see that make the attraction look enjoyable, such as creepy sounds, many props, spooky displays, and really good quality actors. The actors try to be serious with their scarring and, and will make the best experience for their guests. This haunted house tries to make creative story lines and environments that they try to change up every October, so that everyone who’s been to this haunted house in the previous years can have a different experience. The haunted house has a lot of gore, and many jumpscares, which is why it may not be recommended for little ones, or people with serious conditions.

4.6 stars from 255 google reviews 

Haunted attraction in Hanover County

Ashland, VA

In Hanover Vegetable Farm


Creepy Hallow Scream Park

Creepy Hollow Scream Park is an outdoor attraction where you can experience a great amount of scares, and will also make you feel creeped out by the spooky illusions, and the terrifying animatronics. The guests will be put on foot in the woods where the actors will go and scare them, and make the best experience for the guests since they are very talented at scarring. The woods also have a lot of decor that had a lot of time spent on to create a very spooky atmosphere. There are also hayrides in the park, with great story tellers that will give out a greater experience during the ride. The park may be too scary for little ones, and people with heart problems.

4.3 stars from 85 google reviews 

Haunted attraction in Hanover County

Glen Allen, VA


Howl-O-Scream Williamsburg

Howl-o-Scream takes place in an amusement park called the Busch Gardens, and will have many good scares to experience. The park will have many haunted houses inside of it, for many different scares to experience. The park is also well decorated, with many creepy elements, and also many actors out in the park trying to scare the guests, and trying their best to create a good experience for their guests. The park is not recommended for little kids, and people that suffer heart problems.

4.1 stars from 145 google reviews

Haunted attraction in James City County

Busch Gardens WIlliamsburg, V