Halloween Recipes

Halloween Recipes

Yatziri Jeronimo

Fun Halloween Recipe

There’s many Halloween snacks that I’m excited to eat this Halloween. This is one Halloween recipe that you could try to recreate for you and your family.  

Eyeball Pops 

STEP 1 – Melt milk chocolate. Get a food processor and put Madeira cake, cookies, or other doughy snacks in the bowl. Combine the solution with the melted milk chocolate. 

STEP 2 – Mix everything together into a bowl. With your hands roll up little balls the size of a walnut. Put in the freezer for 2 hours to cool down until they are hard. 

STEP 3 – Cover the cake balls with melted white chocolate. When the cake ball is still wet, put a smartie onto the surface. Let it chill until it dries up. Then it’s ready . You can decorate it using icing to make an eyeball. You can use red icing to make it bloody. With an icing pen you can make the veins and wigglys for the eye. You can add a pupil and just be creative. You can decorate your dish with eyeballs¨. – recipe by (Cassie Best)