First Impression of West Campus

Kate Cerritos

When I envisioned Thomas Dales West Campus, I did not have very high expectations. After hearing people describe it they all said similar things: old, dirty, or vandalized. Upon arrival, my first impression wasn’t that far off. I thought the exterior path leading to the office was pretty and clean, but the attractiveness of the school didn’t last long when I entered the building. I saw random placements of lockers, lack of school spirit and out of commission bathrooms. It’s such a large school, with about three floors and lots of room for improvement. After almost two years of being vacant, I don’t understand why it hasn’t been reformed.


 On the first day of our data collecting, I visited the library and I was not a fan. The library was spacious, cluttered and empty all at the same time. There was a cluster of storage stuff parked in the middle of the library, and I didn’t see a very wide variety of books and the books that they did have seemed small compared to the reading materials that other high schoolers are reading. 

Leaving the library and scouting out the rest of the school I found myself ending up in the same spots. To me the school seems like a mix between a jail house and a maze. I would love to see some color and life added to the building, the school has so much potential. Nevertheless my first impression was just like everyone else’s for the most part, An old and in dire need of modernization.

-Kate Cerritos