Administrators of West Campus

Administrators of West Campus

Lindsey Morris

Being at Thomas Dale West Campus can be difficult at times, being separated from the rest of the school. The bus loop, the principal, and other students. Administration at West Campus works hard to make this as easy for students and teachers as possible. 

Communication is key here at West Campus. “We’re a tight knit admin team. We meet frequently at both campuses. Both are aware that we have the same expectations at the campuses.” Said Mr Patterson, the Dean of Students at West Campus, when asked how they function without Dr Jones around. 

They aim to get students ready to make the adjustment to the main campus. When we asked Mrs. Lee the same questions, she said “We still do the same thing. Communicate through meetings, walkies, emails, and calendars. We have to be in contact.” 

Thomas Dale Main and West Campus both make a point to stay in touch, and make sure students and faculty are both up to date on new announcements, and rule changes.