West Campus Dress Code

Lauren Roberston, Staff Reporter

     Since our school is divided into two buildings, we don’t really get to connect with the freshmen at West Campus. I am intrigued by the dress code and how it affects students and teachers at the West Campus. Compared to the Main Campus, our dress code isn’t as strict as the West Campus because we have a lot more freedom and we are a much bigger group. I interviewed multiple students and teachers for accurate feedback. “When students break the dress code, they get asked nicely to change or make small modifications to their clothes. For example, put a sweatshirt over or throw on a jacket. But other students do overdo it sometimes and they know that. There also is a difference between consequences against bigger and smaller females”. Said Mrs. Long, a Physical Education teacher at West. “There are much more rules at this campus because we are much smaller and it’s much easier to control the dress code here because of that reason. I believe there are bigger issues than a dress code so I try not to pay much mind to it. I do not think there’s any difference in consequences because anybody can get restricted. Coming from another teacher, Mrs. Richardson, an English teacher at West Campus. The teacher’s perspective was very important to me but I really was eager to see what the students thought. Students Estefani Ortega and Yoselin Roa mention that you get asked to change your clothes if you are dressed in something inappropriate or get a warning. The girls think that it’s unfair and believe that teachers should learn to respect females and not judge anyone because of the clothes they wear. Students Yinka Iawal and Reina Diaz also agree and believe that the bigger size females get watched more than the smaller girls because it could be more noticeable. Yinka Iawal says that males almost never get dress coded and he thinks the dress code only focuses on the females. Personally coming from myself, a Junior at Thomas Dale High School. Dress code should be a thing but shouldn’t be a main focus in the school environment. There are better things teachers and administrators should be focused on. The way students dress can be a way they express themselves or even just something they enjoy, and that shouldn’t be stopped, it can also be a sensitive topic to some, if insecure or lacking confidence.