West Campus Preference

Justin Barrera and Madison Williams , Staff Reporter

Do students prefer being at West campus?

The aticipatipation of transitioning from middle school to high school is what students often look forward to, but here at Thomas Dale things are done slightly differently than an average highschool. The original building was built in 1906 under the name of Chester Agricultural High School, later in the 1940’s a middle school ( Chester Middle School)  was built on the western side of the original building. Due to overcrowding at the main campus, later in 1997 Chester middle school reopened as Thomas Dale West Campus. The West Campus is currently still used for 9th graders, and now we have to see how they are doing. Taking a look into Thomas Dale’s West campus, we interviewed a number of students to find out how they really feel about being on a separate campus.


 We started by asking the students If they enjoy being at the West Campus, majorjority of the students said they were okay with being on a separate campus. Student number one Rayon said “sometimes”.  Student number two Myla says “ yea, it’s fun”. Student number three Jalen says “kinda it’s alright.” The last two students, Kalay and Jordan, had said no and the others said yes . Majority of the students we asked said that they don’t mind being there, and that they like it.


 The next question we asked the students was if they felt isolated from the upperclassmen. The first two students we asked, Rayon and Mayla, had simply said no. The third student we asked was Jalen and he said “Yes, because two separate campuses still feels like a middle school.” The fourth student was Kalay, and he said “ No, because I know everybody here”. The fifth student said, “ I don’t know, I like being apart from older kids.” Most of the students said that they didn’t mind being apart from the upperclassmen, and one of the students said that it still feels like a middle school to him. Which is understandable, because some students may be looking forward to the high school experience. 


The final question we asked was if it was up to them would they have separate campuses. Student number one and four, Rayon, and Kalay just said no. The second student Mayla says “No I would put us all together, we go over there anyways so there’s no point in separating us.” The third student Jalen said, “No, if it was up to me there would be no west campus.” The last student we asked was Jordan and he said, “ Yes, I don’t want to be with the upperclassmen.” The majority of the students would choose not to be separated if it was up to them, but don’t mind if they are separated as of right now. The students we interviewed seem to be doing well over at  west campus, and not feeling bad about being apart from the other students. Most of the students are also making the best out of it and enjoying being at west campus.