Returning To West Campus

Ajah Burton, Staff Reporter

My 9th grade high school year was less than what I expected it to be to say the least. I spent probably over half of it on the other side of a computer screen, but to say that was terrible would be a lie. I got to better myself and really get a sense of what it’s like to do my work at my pace. So when we finally came back, it was different. The hallways weren’t full, almost everyone was extroverted, and all the teachers knew just about everyone’s name. It was nice. It was a small community and everyone (for the most part) got along.


When I first heard we were going to West Campus I was honestly kind of nervous. I didn’t know what to expect. Most of it just stemmed from just wondering if everything changed. Along with that fear was also excitement. I could see the teachers I was close with again, and really see what it was like to have the hallways filled of my once small school and introverted school. 


Honestly walking over I feel like a kid going to a brand new place. I was really excited to see everything. Not to my own surprise nothing was different. It was the same school I loved with less than half the students. The school was so lively and fun. Laughter and chatter filled the halls and even the Police Officer that’s supposed to have a mean mug was smiling bright through his mask.


I decided to follow one of our other journalists and find out about the history of this school. Personally I’m really glad I did. I got to see old yearbooks and curriculums. I got to look at pictures, yearbooks, and a few funny senior quotes that were as simple as the word pause. Seeing this made me proud. 


To have gone to school with all these cool interesting people. Getting to see the difference in the diversity as the years went on. Seeing all the cool photos and very beautiful layout of not just recent years but current as well. Also seeing how cool and well laid out our newspaper once was (well when it was on paper). It made me excited. Excited for seeing just how much better our school is going to get from here.