West Campus.

Trinity Lancaster , Staff Reporter

Welcome to the W-w-w-w-w-west camppuuss *horns blaring, drums beating, crowd cheering*. A significant part of Thomas Dale that is often forgotten due to the separation from the main building, and for those who didn’t go themselves, we have the inside scoop for you. The students there are specifically 9th graders, all of them “in our own little 9th grade bubble” says student Jadyn Lancaster (9th). Other students have claimed to feel not truly included in the main campus at all. Madilyn Boyce, another student at west says “We don’t really know what goes on over there, it’s kind of an unspoken rule to never talk to the bigger kids.” Is that rule affecting the maturity development in these students? Are there key experiences that the freshman cannot experience because of the lack of older kids? A physical education teacher who teaches at both Main and West, Judith Long, says that there are. “They’ve gone from being the top dogs of middle school, right into being the top dogs of highschool too.” she says. But surprisingly enough they’re actually enjoying having the time to acclimate in the smaller building. “It’s a good way to get used to being in high school, but it feels like pre-high school,” Madilyn says. Some have said they still have a middle school mindset, and that the references to chester middle don’t help with that. From the eagle on the floor, to the stairs clearly well used, students have pointed out the corroded state the west campus building is in. Jordan Howell (9th) feels that  “ The building needs to be knocked down and rebuilt if they want to continue having students here”. Nonetheless, Mrs. Long says they are working hard to repair and improve the condition of West, and until then they’re going to keep on rolling.