Alexandra Goodell, Staff Editor


Alexandra Goodell


The Thomas Dale Theater program is back on stage for the first time in two years with the amazing program “Radium Girls”. “Radium Girls” is a two act play that tells the story of Grace Fryer, a woman who worked in a radium plant in the early twenties. She and many other women were painting radium dials during World War 1, and were not aware of the incredible danger of radium. The story follows her journey of trying to fight for compensation and to bring awareness to the dangers of working around radioactive substances. 

The last full show to ever be seen on our Thomas Dale stage was “White Christmas” in December, 2019, so this show being presented is incredibly significant to not only Thomas Dale, but the Specialty Center for the Arts too. All of the actors did such an amazing job, and the show was absolutely fantastic. The costumes looked so good too. All the dresses were so pretty, and the suits looked awesome on the actors. The props were extremely well made too. 

The story itself was very well told. It starts out with the women working in the factory, and everyone around them is praising radium and the wonderful effects it has on the human body. With claims like “It cures cancer” or “It revitalizes you”, no one really feared the potential effects of radium itself. It wasn’t until women started getting sick and dying that some people began to become concerned. Once it became obvious that radium was the source of all this turmoil, it was already way too late. Grace and some of her friends tried for years to get compensation, but the radium plant kept drawing out the lawsuits, waiting for them to die. After many years, Grace and a few other women, who managed to live long enough, were finally able to pay off medical bills and tell the world about how dangerous radium truly is. Afterwards, I felt like I fully understood exactly what had occurred during the time of the real “Radium Girls”. 

It takes a village to put a play together, and I can tell everyone put so much effort into perfecting this show, and it most definitely paid off. I commend the Theater program for their hard work, and I am so excited to see “The Little Mermaid” in the spring!