Experience At West

Yatziri Jeronimo, Staff Reporter

  We went over to the Thomas Dale West Campus to interview some teachers. I interviewed them about their career choice and what they think about their students. I encountered a ninth-grade gym teacher whose name I believe was  Mrs.Long. I asked her if she liked her students and she responded with “yes I love my students”. There were a few other questions that I wanted to ask this teacher. I asked her if it was worth being a teacher. I mainly asked this question for anyone who is considering taking on this career path. I asked why she chose to be a teacher. She said and I quote “for how I feel building relationships with these kids and sharing great moments with them, yes, it was worth it. I always wanted to be a teacher and I have ADD and other learning disabilities so it was difficult, but I was able to graduate college. Now I’m a gym teacher and I’m happy that I’m able to teach my students and also learn from them”. 

   I wanted to know more about the atmosphere at West. When I asked the gym teacher about whether she likes or prefers West more than Main she responded with “I don’t prefer one over the other, I like them both. I have taught in both places. Here at West, I get to help our younger students get ready for their whole high school experience. I get to see them as babies but over at Main, I saw how much they have grown and how far they have gone. I was lucky to teach both campuses. For now, I’m at the West and I like seeing our ninth graders enter high school”.

    After that, I was able to get another interview with another gym teacher, Mr.Mcghee. I asked him the same questions. I also asked him if he likes his students, he said “yes I do, they can be a little crazy at times”. I asked him why he chose to be a teacher. Mr.Mcgee said, “I always wanted to teach kids and I enjoy doing this”. I also asked him why he preferred West over Main. He said he was comfortable teaching both schools but at West, he was able to welcome our new students. We also interviewed him about his experience with virtual learning. He replied with “I like being back in person more because I’m able to see my students one on one and it’s easier to teach” 

  In conclusion, our teachers at West enjoy their jobs. The students seem productive and things seem to be running smoothly. I prefer Main over West because it’s bigger and there are a lot more people. I was barely able to be at West during my ninth-grade year because of the pandemic. I was surprised when I went over and got to see more of the building. I’m happy for the new ninth graders who will have their full high school experience. 

I enjoyed my time interviewing teachers and getting to know the building a little bit more. I liked how at West the atmosphere feels good. I hope all teachers and students enjoy this school year.