How climate change has affected us

Marisol Villalobos, Staff reporter

Climate change is brought up a lot but ignored because it is believed that others will do to fix it and how is one person gonna affect the climate but the thing is many people think this and that one person adds up. This article is not gonna tell you ways you should change just facts you should know. Climate change has changed many people’s lives whether it be due to the disasters, illnesses, or something everyone should worry about mental health. Many people have been subjected to the disasters that climate change causes. Such as seasons changing, less time for growing crops and more cases of heat strokes. This doesn’t really concern many people so something more simple to think about is snow. You might be realising that there has been less snow in some areas or that the snow is late so there is no white christmas. The important thing about snow though is it provides fresh water for many places. This means that there isn’t enough snow especially in the western United states that rely on the snow for fresh water through the warm seasons. Another thing about water is that there have been many more and severe floods and droughts. Food is also affected such as previously mentioned it will get harder to grow certain crops like potatoes, because all crops have a certain temperature and time they like to grow and thrive. Another thing affected is mental health. Mental health on it’s own is another story so how could climate change affect mental health? It’s simple, it causes stress. Many people live in the city where it is experienced to have an increase in temperature, disease, death, aggressive behavior, and violence. Which will impact crime and  will negatively impact people’s wellbeing and health. Another stressor is when someone has gone through or heard about natural disasters. It is reported that about 18% of children living in Florida after Hurricane Andrew have had serious mental issues and there are many more cases like that. Climate change will also cause an increase in Mosquitoes and ticks causing them to expand and spread diseases to new locations. This will cause places that haven’t needed to worry about such diseases to have a high possibility of many deaths coming their way. Humans aren’t the only ones affected. Many ecosystems have been affected such as seawater; it is more acidic and coral reefs have been bleached and destroyed but they both are huge ecosystems that directly impact us for we eat a lot of what comes from the sea. Talking about the sea 40% of people in the U.S  live in coastal areas but in the next few years the sea level will rise. Animals, plants and humans all suffer from the effects of climate change but hopefully now more people will know about climate change and how it affects everyone.


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