Clifford the Big Red Dog: Review

Lauren Robertson , Staff Reporter

Clifford the Big Red Dog has always been a classic. I remember always loving to watch the cartoon version of Clifford when I was about five. I always admired how different Clifford was, he was bigger than all the people in the entire town, and had a lot of disadvantages. I was super surprised when Clifford came back out but as a realistic way. After watching the new Clifford, not many things were different. It did have a little bit more detail with the storyline. For example, the reason why Clifford grew to be bigger and the solutions they were trying to make to keep Clifford. I recommend this movie because any age group could watch it, especially people who are familiar with Clifford already. I would rate it an 8/10, some things I would change about it would be the timespan before Clifford grew. I would like to see more of how Emily raised him and what specifically made him grow so much. Other than that, I liked the cast and their acting ability. 

Lauren Robertson