Is College Worth It?


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University sign and building

Ella Robbins

Many juniors and seniors are trying to decide on the big decision of whether or not they want to attend college.The traditional thing to do is go to college right after high school. Most people feel obligated to go to college. While college is a good option for some people, it may not be the right option for everyone. 

When interviewed about college and her experience, Mrs.James said “I think college is great for those who want to attend. It just isn’t the right choice for everyone. College is a big commitment, and should be something that is decided after careful consideration and research.” Mrs. James went to Virginia State University for undergrad, and Regent University for graduate school. She went to college for Administrative Systems Management at Virginia State University, and for Strategic Communications for her masters at Regent university. Mrs. James says she feels like she definitely needed the experience. She got as far as being on her own and not having anyone to rely on constantly.

 When you are in college you are responsible for yourself. Getting up on time, doing the work, laundry, grocery shopping, etc is all up to you. There is no one to do it for you. It makes you more of your own person and more responsible. In addition to Mrs. James’ opinion on college making her more responsible, she believes that “College may have helped me get a better paying job, but I think it was just as hard to get a job at all without a degree as it would have been to get one with a degree.” 

When asked if she thinks people should go to college she said: “I think people who want to go to college should go and pursue their career and get that experience, but if college isn’t for you and you know that, I don’t think you should go just because other people are. It is way too expensive to go and you don’t really want to be there.” When asked “Do you think college is worth the money?” Mrs. James said “I think college is worth the money if you have it, or earn it, or someone else is paying. I also think it is worth it if your chosen career or dreams require it. Anything you want to achieve, the road to get there is worth it, but if you are unsure or confused, I say get more clarity before just attending college and spending money without really knowing if that is the path for you.” Mrs. James’ overall advice and opinion on college is “Do your research as soon as you decide you want to go. Don’t wait until the last minute. Nothing stinks more than it being your senior year, and having to do so much leg work that could have been done junior year or early senior year. Applying to college and all it entails is stressful. Alleviate as much of that as you can by spreading it out. I think college is a great option for those that want to attend. It just isn’t the right choice for everyone. Going to college is a big commitment and should be something that is decided after careful consideration and research. College is awesome, but it also isn’t the end all be all for someone graduating high school. “