Thomas Dale Brings on White Christmas as Fall Musical

September 27, 2019

Thomas Dale Theatre Department is beginning rehearsals for this year’s fall musical, White Christmas

White Christmas is many things, least of all Christmas. It is based on a 1940s film, about two World War II soldiers, who, since leaving the war, now run a performance show. 

The two friends Phil Davis (played by Jamal Baldwin) and Bob Wallace (played by Joey Rutherford) make there way to an inn in Vermont that their former general, General Waverly (played by Mr. Duncan) runs. Phil actually tricks Bob into going, because Phil is in pursuit of a woman, Judy Haynes (played by Mia Richards)

Photo by Hayley Stancil
Lead roles, Jenna Dahl, Mia Richards, Joey Rutherford, and Jamall Baldwin pose.

This brings in another element of the play, romance. Essentially, the “classic 1950s musical plot” as Ms. Roquemore, director of the play, puts it. “Boy meets girl, boy loses girl, and then boy figures out how to get girl back,” she said. 

When Phil and Bob reach the inn that Waverly runs, the inn is about to collapse. “It’s been really warm in Vermont and no one wants to stay, and Waverly is losing his business.” So, Phil and Bob develop a plan to keep the inn open and running, without Waverly’s knowledge. 

White Christmas is filled with 1950s nostalgia, but also culturally revamped to eliminate much of the negative social statuses of the 1950s. 

“We’re aware that the 1950s culturally was not the best time for a lot of people,” Roquemore said. White Christmas directors and staff are going to update the play for a 21st Century audience.  

Roquemore and the entire cast want people to know that White Christmas is a show for everyone. “You don’t have to celebrate any particular holiday to enjoy White Christmas,” Roquemore said. 

To put on a show like White Christmas requires a lot of help. The music, written by Jewish composer Irving Berlin, is “big band music.”

Photo by Hayley Stancil
“Celebrity” Actors, Mr. Diehl and Mr. Duncan pose with Director, Ms. Roquemore

There are students from the band and dance program participating, and obviously the theatre program as well. “It’s an extravaganza!” Roquemore said. 

White Christmas will be performed in the main campus auditorium on December 4-7, 2019.

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