Principal Dr. Jones standing out on Ed Karpus Field during a pep rally. (9/4/19)
Principal Dr. Jones standing out on Ed Karpus Field during a pep rally. (9/4/19)

Thomas Dale’s chaotic pep rallies need to be fixed

September 27, 2019

With the introduction of Christopher Jones, otherwise known as Dr. Jones, as the new principal of Thomas Dale last year, pep rallies became a staple of Thomas Dale’s movement to encourage their students to be more involved with their school.

In an endeavor to become more proactive in creating long-lasting relationships with their students at Thomas Dale, the school’s administration has enacted several activities such as Genius Hour, Sunset Snacks, and of course, pep rallies.

However, the administration here at Thomas Dale most likely didn’t anticipate these pep rallies to be miserable, disengaging and useless in general.

To put it into context, looking at our most recent pep rally on the first day of school, students went to the football field stadium to sit down and participate in a pep rally. 

In the five minutes we had after filling out the stands with every single student in all four grades, we did the wave once and left after sitting in a crowd full of hot, sweaty, and miserable teenagers. 

Trying to leave the stadium with the immense number of students in the stands was just as bad as or worse. Despite the administration’s best attempt at an organized release of students from the stands, it was still chaotic.

Quite frankly, it felt like 5 PM rush-hour New York City trying to get out of there. The amount of disorganization and disarray around the stadium grew until the point of no return.

“There was no point,” said Thomas Dale junior Bryan Trejo, “it takes way too long to try to fit everyone in those stands.”

Looking forward, the administration and students need to look into how we can fix these organizational and time management problems.

If Thomas Dale’s administration wants to run improved and more efficient events for students, they have a multitude of options to enhance how they run pep rallies and how they’re organized as a whole.

For instance, instead, they could have two separate assemblies for two grade levels in the gymnasium. Thomas Dale’s main gym is a lot more accessible and easier to transit, and it also isn’t miserably hot. 

Another simple option is to better manage what times you release students for these pep rallies. Releasing students at 2:40 and then finally getting every student at 3:00 doesn’t work whatsoever. 

Thomas Dale needs to organize these events more effectively and realize that their students will be more affectionate and enjoy these events a lot more if these problems get fixed.

The administration has very positive intent with how they want to run with pep rallies throughout the school year, but as of now, they still have a little way to go.

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