End of an Era — The Disbandment of the Keyettes Club


Rebecca Ellinger, News Editor

    The Keyettes club, after so many years, has come to an end here at Thomas Dale. The community service club, sponsored by Kiwanis, was cancelled over the summer due to lack of members.

    “Last years Keyettes was made of seniors and they all graduated, so we couldn’t replace enough new members.” Ms. Gifford, an English teacher and the sponsor of the Keyettes club, said. 

    The Keyettes club was originally founded as a sister club to Key Club, which only allowed boys in, for high school girls. After the Key Club became co-ed, Keyettes clubs around the country have been cancelled. Thomas Dale was one of the last schools to still have Keyettes club. 

    “I’m sad that it ended but I’m glad there are other opportunities for students to volunteer and serve their community.” Ms. Gifford said. Students who want to participate in community service should now join Key Club.