Dale’s Cheer Team Wins District Cheer Competition

Thomas Dale’s Competition Cheer Team traveled to Prince George High School on October 3rd to go head-to-head against several schools in the district including Dinwiddie, Colonial Heights, Motoaca, and Prince George.

At 7:00 in the evening, Thomas Dale was the third team to compete. This competition was to decide if the team would move on to Regionals.

    “I love cheering alongside my best friends who have the same dedication and love for cheer as I do,” said Camlyn Kencitzki (Junior Class of 2021). 

When they got there, every school there had brought their football teams and extra support, but Dale brought their spirit-which was all they needed. They had been prepared. Dale had been practicing this routine since Summer. Dale Cheer won with 0 deductions and 40 points ahead of all the other teams!