CCPS lengthens breaks in new schedule

CCPS lengthens breaks in new schedule

Christian Garcia, Editor

This year’s CCPS school calendar is a little bit different, the main difference being the length of the breaks. 

The most noticeable of these, is the fact that students have all of Thanksgiving week off, and the days that students would normally have off are now parent-teacher conference days. This is a huge plus for students who have to travel for the holidays and give students more time to recharge their batteries. CCPS also decided to add an extra day to winter break which is always a plus. One of these students, 11th grader Charles Westfall, said it was an “overall good thing and he personally couldn’t see any cons to this new schedule.”

With all these days added one would think that there would have to be some downsides such as no holidays besides breaks or no half-days or adding a couple more days to the school year, however, there is actually one more half day this year and school is still ending on the second week of June like previous years. Upperclassmen also enjoyed another extra day of summer at the beginning of the school year as freshmen started one day earlier.

This brings the total amount of actual days off to 28 if you are an upperclassman and 27 days if you are freshmen with 7 half-days opposed to the 25 days off and 6 half-days students saw during the 2018-2019 school year. 

This new calendar is a huge benefit for students as it gives students a little bit more time to relax from school as students are becoming more and more stressed and anxious from schoolwork. 

Overall, this is a great model and CCPS should use it for the upcoming school years.